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Rumeysa Gelgi, 25, who is 7 feet tall, flew from Istanbul to San Francisco after a planes seats were removed to fit in a stretcher.

How Disney World transforms for the holidays

Why booking travel on your phone is a bad idea

Themed sailings: A cruise holiday with a twist

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Disney World to close Wednesday and Thursday due to Hurrican

Cubans approve gay marriage by large margin

Cubans approved gay marriage and adoption overwhelmingly in a Sunday referendum backed by the government that also boosted rights for women, the national election commission sa

How can I be a good tourist in Hawaii? Hawaii seeks a more responsible and mindful traveler, here are some ways to be one.

If you think the hotel room can keep you safe, you might want to think again.

Mourners gathered outside the monarchs official residence and lined up at length at Westminster Hall, where she will lay in state for four days, but the sites are far from the

Bring the whole family to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay: There are great attractions for kids, teens, parents, and grandparents.

An amusement park in Ohio announced Tuesday it would be permanently closing the worlds second-tallest roller coaster. The decision by Cedar Point comes a year after a small m

Cruise lines are changing their COVID testing policies, but tests are still required in many cases.

A Hawaii woman has to pay thousands in restitution to the victims she scammed out of trips to Hawaii otherwise she faces jail time.

Why you should avoid ordering tea and coffee at 35,000 feet and why the fish option is best left alone.

Sesame Place has announced the implementation of diversity and inclusion training for its employees following a $25 million class-action lawsuit alleging multiple incidents of

On Maui, some passengers waited in the hot sun for over an hour to pass through TSA. How to know if your airport will have long TSA lines this summer.

With so much to see and do at Disney World, its easy to feel like youre missing out. Heres how to keep the magic in your vacation.

A Norwegian Cruise Line ship that hit a small iceberg last month will return to service this week. Heres what happened after the incident.

USA TODAY has answers to the questions stranded passengers are asking, from what the airline owes you to how to find a place to stay on short notice.

As Americans head to crowded airports for a revival of European summer vacations, it looks like next year will be more expensive for those headed to the European Union. A 7 eur

Seeing the Earth from the outside ... it really puts things into perspective, Katya Echazarreta said.

Alternative lodging options run from extended-stay housing to monasteries. Many are less expensive than traditional hotels. But there is fine print.

Airline travelers are only owed refunds, hotel and meal vouchers in certain cancellation circumstances due to a patchwork of regulations and policies.

Do you have the guts to ride the fastest, tallest, loopiest, scariest roller coasters on earth?

A mountain resort in Vietnam has opened a bridge with a bottom made of glass over a gorge 150 metres (492.13 ft) below to attract thrill-seeking tourists, the third such bridge

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