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2023-01-11 | อ่าน

Want the Nothing phone in the US? Be a beta

Heres something that seems all but a guarantee: The way we purchase expensive electronics is going to change. Years after the U.S. began moving away from the carrier-based model of phone purchases,

Why the Matter logo was everywhere at CES 2023

AR/VR/MX took center stage at CES 2023. Automotive trends got a lot of love, as well, as did robotics and the metaverse. Heck, even pee-related gadgets had their moment to shine last week in Vegas. An

Wyze launches its new $34 pan and tilt security camera

Its only been a few days since CES closed its doors, but there are still plenty of new gadgets to be had. Some companies, after all, would rather not launch their products into the noise that i

Apples mixed-reality headset could arrive this year

According to a report from Bloombergs Mark Gurman, Apple is going to spend most of 2023 focusing on a brand new device  a mixed-reality headset that has been a work in progress for several year

Ecobee CEO and founder speaks to TechCrunch Live about CES, Nest and finding product market fit

TechCrunch Live hosted a special, in-person event at CES featuring a long conversation with Ecobee CEO and founder Stuart Lombard. This was our first in-person TechCrunch Live, and I cant wait to d

Urine luck: These CES startups want to take a closer look at your waste

You wait for years for a urine analysis company, then all of them hit their flow all at once. One of the notable trends at CES in Las Vegas this year was that the quantified-self movement is going dee

Did you hear? AnkerWork is going after the wireless mic market

At CES in Las Vegas this week, AnkerWork announced its brand new AnkerWork M650 Wireless Microphone. Its a two-microphone kit that can be clipped (or magnetically attached) to your clothing. Pe

Ex-Apple team creates BlenderCap, a delightfully over-engineered portable blender

Packing battery tech nobody uses in consumer devices and a half-horsepower motor, BlenderCap is one of the most ludicrously over-engineered products weve seen in a hot minute. At CES in Las Veg

After struggling with consumers, Magic Leap hang its hopes on enterprise

Something wasnt working. In late 2020, Magic Leap announced a major change spearheaded by incoming CEO, Peggy Johnson. [W]hat I found was nothing was really broken, she told the press at the

Unistellars telescope turns your smartphone into a stargazer

Humans are eternally curious about the night sky but figuring out how to use a telescope is non-trivial. At CES in Las Vegas, Unistellar believes it has the perfect solution with its Equinox 2 Smart T

Hot on the heels from its $15 million fundraise just a few months ago, Brelyon showed off its vision for what immersive visuals could look like. At CES in Las Vegas, we tried out the 8K fully immersiv

HTCs global head of Product on VRs race to the bottom

It was the year of XR. But then, they all seem to be, these days. Strong presences from Meta, Magic Leap, Sony and HTC led the way at this years CES, with hundreds of startups picking up the rear.

The Soul of Blackleaf brings analog visualization to your music experience

File this one under style over substance, but damn if these speakers dont pack a whole lot of style into a small container. Under the amazing name Soul of Blackleaf, these stylish speakers use

When its time for a steamy nooner, Steambox has you covered

If you have a particular hatred for the microwave or prefer your food to be heated gently when youre ready for lunch, Steambox is ready for your steamy lunch encounters. The company sold more t

The pen gets smarter as Nuwa shows off its smart ballpoint and app combo

Weve seen a lot of companies trying to turn the humble pen into something a little more digital, but few have been as elegantly successful as Nuwa. The company showed off its smart pen at CES

This pepper spray will phone your friends as you mace your assailants

From the desk of Im not sure this is a good idea at CES in Las Vegas, comes 444. The early-stage startup is planning to combine pepper spray with some electronics so a potential a

Brane X portable speaker packs a hell of a punch in a small package

You probably havent heard of Brane Audio yet, but trust me on this one: You will. One of my highlights at CES in Las Vegas today was listening to the companys debut speaker, the Brane X,

Lumus shows off its tech in AR glasses that dont look too dorky

AR tech sounds pretty cool, but nobody wants to be a glasshole. Today at CES, we checked out Lumus bid to make AR glasses a little bit less cringe. The company creates technology that makes it

Today at CES: Baby wearables, texts from dogs and e-ink cars

Its the first official day of CES and our team has already located dozens of the coolest new gadgets, features and weird concept cars that probably will never see the light of day. Halo (not Am

EcoFlow teases full-house battery backup coming later this year

Today at its special launch event, home backup power giant EcoFlow launched a flurry of new products, including a Whole-Home Backup Power Solution. The company also launched a battery-po