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Miami Heat vs Atlanta Hawks Injury Report Predicted Lineupan
2023-01-24 | อ่าน

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Miami Heat vs Atlanta Hawks: Injury Report, Predicted Lineups and Starting 5s - October 14th, 2021 NBA Preseason 2021-22

The Atlanta Hawks will host the Miami Heat in a preseason game on Oct. 14th

TheAtlanta Hawkslook set to host theMiami HeatatState Farm Arenaon October 14th for their fourth game of the 2021-22 NBA preseason.

The Hawks are coming off their first win of the preseason after they beat the Memphis Grizzlies to snap a two-game losing streak. Hoping to ride the momentum of their victory, the Atlanta Hawks will head into this matchup against Miami looking to even their preseason record.

The Miami Heat have had a very successful preseason campaign thus far. With the acquisition of Kyle Lowry and PJ Tucker to support the superstar duo ofBam AdebayoandJimmy Butler, the Heat have emerged as title contenders from the Eastern Conference.

Heading into this matchup against the Atlanta Hawks with a 4-0 preseason record, the Miami Heat have made some bold moves that have changed the odds of their fifth preseason game.

The Miami Heat have made the decision to sit out most of their starting rotation in their fifth preseason matchup against the Atlanta Hawks. After securing a 4-0 record, the Heat seem to be confident with the chemistry among their players.

When considering that aspect of preseason games not playing much of a role in the regular-season, the decision to give key rotation players the night off is a wise decision.

That likely will make Friday at home vs. Celtics at dress rehearsal.12:03 PM Oct 14, 202148647Out Thursday for Heat in Atlanta:Bam AdebayoJimmy ButlerDewayne DedmonMarcus GarrettTyler HerroKyle LowryMarkieff MorrisVictor OladipoDuncan RobinsonP.J. TuckerOmer YurtsevenThat likely will make Friday at home vs. Celtics at dress rehearsal.

Ensuring that the players are in top condition heading into the season-opener and through the post-season is a priority. However, with only six active players available for the game, it does raise some doubts regarding potential rotations.

With the Atlanta Hawks securing their first win of the 2021-22 NBA preseason last time out, they will look to carry the momentum of their victory into the next matchup. However, the injury report for the Hawks is anything but positive.

With the exception of their starting duo of John Collins and Trae Young, the Hawks will be missing some key players in their rotation heading into this game.

Although DeAndre Hunter finally made his return to the side after a long absence due to injury, he may also sit out the game due to knee soreness.

-Kevin Huerter (left ankle): Probable

-DeAndre Hunter (right knee): Probable

-Clint Capela (left Achilles): Questionable

-Danilo Gallinari (left shoulder): Out

-Onyeka Okongwu (right shoulder): Out

Hawks injury report for Thursday vs. Heat:-Kevin Huerter (left ankle): Probable-DeAndre Hunter (right knee): Probable-Clint Capela (left Achilles): Questionable-Danilo Gallinari (left shoulder): Out-Onyeka Okongwu (right shoulder): Out-Trae Young not on injury report.

Miami Heat vs Atlanta Hawks Predicted Lineups:

Caleb Martin goes head to head against Cody Martin in the Miami Heat vs Charlotte Hornets matchup

With eleven players being rested from their starting rotation, the Miami Heat will look towards their bench to rise to the occasion. Heading into the game, the Heat lineup has only seven active members of the regular rotation available to them.

The likes of Max Strus, Gabe Vincent, Caleb Martin and Javonte Smart are the only players who are actively part of the lineup. Consequently, the Miami Heat will look at using players who were signed on Exhibit-10 or training camp deals with the side.

With KZ Okpalah also listed as day-to-day, it is hard to project how many players the Heat will have actively participating in this game against the Atlanta Hawks. However, with just over six active players, we may see more invites to join the side against the Hawks.

The Atlanta Hawks have established a pretty solid rotation for themselves. With their playoff success last season, the Hawks made very few changes to their lineup. They did a great job of re-signingTrae YoungandJohn Collins, which effectively secured the future of the franchise as well.

With Clint Capela potentially missing the game, the Hawks lost a solid rebounder for their side as well as a rim-running threat alongside Collins. However, the Hawks may look to replace Capela with Gorgui Dieng.

Lou Williams could play an important role coming off the bench as well. While DeAndre Hunter and Kevin Huerters status for the game is likely, they will also play important roles in supporting the minutes of Cam Reddish and Bogdan Bogdanovic.

G- Dru SmithG- Javonte SmartF- Caleb MartinF- Max StrusC- Micah Potter.

G- Trae YoungG- Bogdan BogdanovicF- Cam ReddishF- John CollinsC- Gorgui Dieng

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