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Tesla highlights Model Ys heat pump innovationin new promoti
2023-01-24 | อ่าน

Tesla is at its best when it is highlighting the hard work that has gone to make its lineup of all-electric vehicles as compelling as possible. This has been the case with the companys promotional videos, which have featured deep dives into some of Teslas key practices and technologies, such as the Model Y heat pump.

Uploaded recently onYouTube, Teslas feature on its heat pump system involved a quick but thorough discussion on what makes the companys heat pump system special. Several members of Teslas team discussed the innovation, from its conception to its unique design. Tesla Vice President of Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy, for example, explained the heat pump in a clear, simple way by describing it as an air conditioner in reverse.

Tesla tends tostep away from conventionwhen designing its vehicles, and the same is true for the Model Y heat pump, which has since been implemented on other vehicles like the Model 3, Model S, and Model X. While heat pumps have also been used by other automakers, Tesla opted for a fresh design when implementing the technology.

This was done through the use of innovations such as the super manifold and the octovalve, which help Tesla keep its heat pump system integrated and efficient. Overall, Teslas approach to heat pump technology makes the systems implementation unique and definitely effective. Numerous EV owners have attested to this, especially those who went from non-Tesla electric cars to the Model Y.

As noted by Tesla in its recent video, electric vehicles tend to have abad reputation during cold weathersince traditionally, they lose a lot of range and charge too slowly. Overcoming these challenges requires out-of-the-box thinking, which is what Tesla did with the Model Y heat pump. It just so happened that the out-of-the-box solution turned out to be a unique implementation of a tried and tested technology.

Watch Teslas feature on the Model Y heat pump in the video below.

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Tesla highlights Model Ys heat pump innovations in new promotional video

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